Welcome to the Nerdsville programming course

The course uses an online program called 'Scratch' to create computer programs.

You will need access to the internet on a computer that runs Adobe Flash.

This includes most Windows based systems.  iPads will not work.


Depending on the size of your screen you have 2 options,


  Large screens
  Place the instructions and Scratch in two windows side by side, as follows
1 Resize yout browser to half your screen size
2 Click link below (after reading 3-5) to openScratch in a new tab
3 Drag the new Scratch tab at the top of the browser so you can see both windows
4 Resize both windows to suit
5 Come back to this window and load Instructions
6 Click to open Scratch in a new tab
  Small sceens
1 Print intructions (below)
2 Click to open Scratch


Instructions Training Video
PDF Format inc. Print You Tube
Module 1.1 PDF Module 1.1 Video
Module 1.2 PDF Module 1.2 Video
Module 1.3 PDF Module 1.3 Video
Module 1.4 PDF Module 1.4 Video
Module 1.5 PDF Module 1.5 Video